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Adult Couple
Senior Couple
Single Parent Family

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The Y is a membership organization open to all people.  The Y welcomes seniors, adults, and youth of all ages, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and financial circumstances.

For more information or to apply for a financial scholarship CLICK HERE.

Family: This membership is for households consisting of two adults with their dependent children who have not completed twelfth grade. Full-time, dependent college students are covered through age 23.

Adults: For individuals 18 through 64 years of age.

Adult Couple 2 adults 18-64 years of age.

Youth: Any child is eligible for a youth membership who is 3 years of age up to under 18 years of age or has not completed twelfth grade.

College 18-25 years of age with documentation.

Senior: For individuals 65 and older.

Senior Couple: Two adults, one of which must be 65 or older, living in the same household.

Single Parent Family: This membership applies when only one adult or parent is living in a household with his or her dependent children.

How Do I Join?

Simply stop in the YMCA, located at 9845 Campus Drive and fill out a membership application.  The start up fee and first month's membership rate are due when you join.

Or CLICK HERE to join online!

Daily Guest Passes

The Y offers daily guest passes.  Come try the Y for a day. 

Note: Daily passes may be limited and not always available.

Type Cost
Family $25
Adult $15
Youth $7

Payment Options

You can choose which payment option works best for you.

Monthly Bank Draft Plan: Automatic checking/savings account deduction taken on the first each month. Scheduled monthly payments can also be made from credit card accounts. New members pay the start up fee and the first month's deduction up front.

Note: All Memberships on the Bank Draft Plan will run continuously until you request cancellation. To cancel, you must fill out a termination form at the Y by the 25th of the preceding month.

Payment In Full: Covers a period of one year. You may also pay in cash quarterly or semi-annually.

The YMCA accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Joining Fee: A one time fee charged to new or returning YMCA Members.

Refunds & Credits: There are NO refunds for memberships.

Memberships ARE NOT Transferable: Membership cards may not be loaned to others and are not valid except for the individual identified on the card.

Everyone is Welcome at the Y
Membership Assistance

Here at the Y, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate. We want to make sure everyone has access to the YMCA – when financial assistance dollars are available the Y will try to assist any individual or family that would like to be a part of the YMCA.

Visit the Y Welcome Center for information on the YMCA’s income based membership scale which provides an income-based sliding scale fee structure. To receive financial assistance, you must provide all documentation of household income, including but not limited to tax returns, all state aid, public assistance, child support, and social security.

Our financial assistance is available through generous donations made to the YMCA's annual campaign. The Y is grateful to our many generous donors.

Wellness Assessments & Orientations

The Y cares about your safety. With every membership we give you a FREE orientation of the building and fitness equipment. We know it can be intimidating to use new equipment, so we will show you how to do it.
The Y also offers members a FREE Wellness Orientation. We will go over your overall wellness and physical activity, plus your BMI, body fat percentage and measurements. Schedule your orientation and assessment at the Y’s Welcome Center.
Teen Orientations. All teens ages 14-15 may use the fitness equipment after completing an orientation.

Gift Certificates

YMCA Gift Certificates are available for any amount. The recipient may use Y Gift Certificates to pay for any YMCA membership, programming, childcare or building rental.  To purchase a Gift Certificate, please go to the Y Welcome Center.

Corporate Memberships

The Y does offer corporate membership packages to businesses wishing to partner with the Y.  Please contact the Welcome Center to learn more.

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