o Parents/Guardians must remain on the premises while child is in the care of Child Watch.

o 2 hour limit per child.

o Must be 18 or older to admit/pick up child.

o All children, babies included, must wear socks.

o Car seats are not allowed.

o Babies and all children in diapers must come with a fully equipped, labeled diaper bag.

o To the best of our ability and for the safety of all the children in the center, we will be stopping the flow of adults into the center as much as possible.     When dropping off or picking up your child, please remain in the lobby area while staff assists your child with their coming/going needs.

Child Watch Capacity:

The Y Child Watch area is licensed by the State of Michigan for childcare. Therefore, we must follow the requirements set by the state for group size (capacity) and ratios determined by the square footage of the Child Watch area. As it is our goal to accommodate all Child Watch requests to the best of our ability, there may be occasions when we decline entrance into to the Child Watch area due to being at the state licensed maximum capacity. When such instances occur, your name will be put on a waiting list for the next availability. The Child Watch staff will estimate a time of availability based on when the next child is anticipated to depart. Once availability is established, a Y staff member will inform you of the availability. As a courtesy to those who may also be waiting, the available slot(s) will be held for 15 minutes before it is forfeited/granted to the next person on the wait list.

Caregiver to Child Ratio:

Infants and Toddlers, birth until 30 months of age:  1 Caregiver for every 4 Children

Preschoolers, 30 months of age until 3 years of age:  1 Caregiver for every 8 Children

Preschoolers, 3 years of age until 4 years of age: 1 Caregiver for every 10 Children


It is our pleasure to offer this service to our members and guest. Any issues or concerns can be directed to the Early Childhood director, Debbie Blake at

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