Y-VLS | Virtual Learning Support

With the changes going on in the education world, at the YMCA we are changing to serve emerging community needs. This school year we are going to be offering virtual learning support (Y-VLS) for students in our community who signed up for virtual learning this school year.


The Cadillac Area YMCA Virtual Learning Support (Y-VLS) aims to offer dedicated academic support with trained YMCA facilitators for 6th-8th graders and Innovation High School students in our community who are signed up for virtual learning this school year. The program consists of two one and a half hour sessions per week per student and accountability support check-ins between sessions. Families can choose the scheduled days and times that are convenient for them, and transportation will be provided by CWTA WexExpress if it is needed. These sessions will be small group based and can be either virtual, in person or a combination of the two. Each student will be provided a meal, social enrichment opportunities and physical fitness activities within the group while participating. Parents and students will provide information about their goals and expectations during the enrollment process to ensure that the program is meeting their needs.

Please utilize the links below for more information!

Y-VLS Counselor Info

Y-VLS Parent Info

Y-VLS Counselor Referral Form

Y-VLS Student Enrollment Form


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Taylor Bannister, Director of Youth Development, at 231.775.3369 or taylorb@cadillacareaymca.org.


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