2021 Camp Torenta – COVID-19 FAQ


Last updated 4/22/21 – We will be updating this page as more information becomes available.

We recognize there are many factors to consider when registering for camp this summer. Please see below for our most frequently asked questions about camp and COVID-19. If you have additional questions, please contact us so we can assist you.

What current precautions will you have in place to keep my camper safe this summer?

These policies are subject to change before the summer as we receive more guidance from LARA, CDC and other government agencies. We will update this page as necessary.

  • Cohort Model: We are currently planning to follow a “cohort model,” meaning camp will be split into groups of ~9 campers, and campers will move about camp and their activity periods with their cohort/cabin group. Mixing of groups in any way will be rare.
  • Time Outside: We already spend a lot of time outside at camp, and this year we are going to take it even farther. Meals, activities, cabin time, etc. will all be outside as often as possible.
  • Social distancing, masks, etc.:In this sense, camp life won’t be too different from at-home life. We’ll wear masks at all times except when we are outdoors and able to maintain a social distance of six feet from all other campers and staff. Mask breaks will be incorporated in the schedule throughout the day. We’ll spread out whenever we can (like rearranging our program meetings so we’re not all sitting too close together). We will not be wearing masks when we are eating, drinking, sleeping, or swimming.
  • Sanitization: While we know that surface transition is minimal, we plan to continue our sanitization practices from 2020. In addition to regular daily “germ busting” and safe kitchen practices (by our Chartwell’s Food Catering Staff), we will sanitize high touch surfaces each day and avoid sharing high-touch objects (i.e.balls, swim goggles, etc.) between cohorts as much as possible. We will also make sure everyone is washing and sanitizing their hands frequently with an increase of handwashing stations throughout camp.
  • Staff precautions: Per a CDC study from 2020, we know that, at camps that had COVID outbreaks, it could usually be traced back to the staff. Our staff will be well aware of this fact, and will understand that the safety and success of our community will be in their hands. That means they will be asked to be responsible on their time off with the best interest of the camp community in mind. We are hopeful that some or all staff will be vaccinated!

How are these decisions being made?

We are working with the Michigan camps licensing department (LARA) to establish our policies for the summer. They updated the policies several times throughout the summer last year and were very helpful in opening camp and keeping our community safe in 2021.

What happens if someone gets Covid-19 at camp?

In the event that we suspect a camper or staff member has COVID, we would work closely with the District 10 Health department to respond appropriately. This is what we currently know:

  • The camper or staff member who is showing symptoms of COVID will be immediately isolated in the health office away from other staff and campers.
  • Any close contacts – based on definition by the CDC – will be cordoned off into a small group. Because we will be following a cohort model, it will be easy to identify the campers/staff who may have been exposed to the person in question.
  • We will work closely with the health department to determine next steps.

Will you require a vaccine to come to camp?

At this point we will not require a COVID-19 vaccine to come to camp. The vaccine has not been approved for use by young children and it seems unlikely that that will change before the summer.

We are hopeful that some or all of our staff will be able to be vaccinated before the summer, but it will not be a requirement.

If I would like to cancel my child’s registration, will I get a refund?

If you would like to cancel your child’s registration, you will get a refund of the amount that you have paid minus the deposit as long as you cancel outside of two weeks prior to the start of the camp session. This time allows others to register for the session in your cancellation.

I’d like to speak with someone, can I call?

Yes, of course. We anticipate a lot of questions and conversations with camp families. Please reach out to taylorb@cadillacareaymca.org or call the YMCA directly with any questions.

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