Baker College Activities

Baker College students unite for fun activities at the YMCA!

WHO: Activities are open to ALL Baker College students

WHERE: Cadillac Area YMCA, conveniently located on the East side of Baker College Campus

WHY: Why not? Study hard, play hard. Have some fun. Meet new people. Be active……  (Plus it’s all FREE! )

WHAT & WHEN: Once a week 7pm – 9pm
(Each activity will include a light snack)

Thanks for a great year Baker College Students – hope to see you next year in the Fall!

Missing the Baker College Activity Nights?

Try out the Baker College Open Gym & Swim Nights on Wednesdays running May – August.

More info contact YMCA Fitness Coordinator, Mary Spalding, or call 231-775-3369 x 18.

Click “Join Class” to receive text alerts regarding Baker College Student Activities at the YMCA. This is a service.

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